Launch Eve

Posted on September 07, 2015 by Lara Gustavson | 0 comments

It's the eve of the official launch of 12 Scents and I am writing to convey how excited we are about introducing the world to our fragrances.

12 Scents started as a passion project in the truest sense.  It was born from a deep passion for the Seahawks and the community of fans that support the team. That passion drove the creation of scents that truly represent the love the 12s have for the Seahawks and add a special element to any game day ritual. 

We think Seahawks fans will immediately "get" what 12 Scents is contributing to the community.  Game Day is special.  Game Day is a day set aside on the calendar FOR THE GAME.  We wake up with the intention of supporting our team.  We eat with intention of supporting our team.  We dress with the intention of supporting our team.  And now we can add a game day scent to our ritual.  A 12 Scents fragrance is a fun, new way to support our team.

And the 12 Scents fragrances are truly amazing.  The light, clean Game Day scent is sophisticated and calm.  12 Gal is fun, flirty and rich.  The Berm's watery, woody scent will transport you to the summer practice field.  We can confidently recommend a 12 Scents fragrance FOR ANYONE, not just a football fan. 

The 12s are a unique community of the best fans in the nation.  In our experiences at training camp, player signings, local Seahawkers events, the 12s are genuinely good people who love the team, the community and the sport.  We have seen such incredible support from the 12s that we feel really excited to share with them the 12 Scents fragrances. 

So, thank you to everyone who helped us get to this day.  So many noses contributed to this project.  So many hands contributed to this project.  Without calling out any specific names on this page, we want you to know everything you gave us was super appreciated.  You contributed to the greatness of our 12s community.

We are still looking to tell a few people about our project.  Sarah Colonna?  Are you out there?  Anna Faris?  Hello?  We love you!  Join the community with 12 Scents!

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