Our Fans

Notes from our Fans

“Sarah Colonna and I…loved them.”  -Jon Ryan, Seattle Seahawks

“Thank you for the perfumes! I think Game Day is my fave. But they all smell so good.” -Sarah Colonna, comedian.

“I love my Game Day candle!! Will have it lit for Sunday's game. Go Seahawks!” -Nicholle D.

“I just opened my 12 scents order.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! GREAT PERFUME!!!!  The wrapping, the boxes, the postcard, the box filler, the small samples, all excellent!!!!”  -Susan G.

“Just received all 3 fragrances and I love them all so much that I ordered 3 more to complete my birthday gifts for the year! I'll be wearing it in Carolina on Sunday! Go Hawks!”  -Dori M.

“First, I love your candles!  I gave "Game Day" to my son's teacher, who is a HUGE fan and has been since 1976.  I am certain she will be pleased.  I had to keep "The Berm" for myself!  With respect to candles, that scent - the field - is totally up my street.   I plan to order some more to have on-hand for gifts.  Love The Berm!” -Shannon G.

“So excited.. my order just arrived. I love the fragrances-- ordered 12th Gal and Game Day... of the two, 12th Gal is my favorite, but both smell awesome (12 gal seemed a little more fruity and game day a little more floral in my opinion) .. The packaging was fantastic-- Seahawk colored paper and a hand written note-how often do you see that?? -- made me feel like yelling GO HAWKS!! Also, Im totally thankful for the sample of The Berm-- smells wonderful-- I will be ordering some of this for my "boys". Im a fan of them all-- I think candles are going to be on my want list too..” -Terri B.

“Game on ... Game Day candle burning ... 12th Gal fragrance on ... We got this!! Go HAWKS!”  -Phaedra D.

“Super excited!! I just got my new candle and perfume!! I am all ready for Game Day tomorrow!! Go Seattle Seahawks!!!”  -Monica S.

“Just received a sample of Game Day and 12th Gal....I LOVE THEM! EVERY Seahawk gal needs them!”  -Lynda D.

“Saw this on Q13 and just placed my order-- Im so excited…”  -Terri B.

“This perfume smells so good!”  -Elizabeth B.

“Check this out! This is awesome! @12scents Perfect for us ‪#‎12thgals out there! ‪#‎gohawks  ‪#‎12thman ‪#‎girlslikefootballtoo ‪ #‎12scents”  -Stephanie L.

“I have some and I love it! The Berm candle is my favorite.  -Rosa H.

“That stuff actually smells amazing!”  -Christi A.

“They have wonderfully clean fresh scents and the packaging is beautiful! A fabulous addition to my Blue Friday wardrobe!” -Melissa H.

“12th Gal is awesome! I've been looking for a new scent for a while and this is my new favorite! ‪#‎12thgal rocks!!”  -Debbie S.

“My husband LOVED his candle!”  -@grouchy_ginger

“I love both of them! You're a genius for making your mark with this! My favorite is Game day! My husband loves how Fresh it smells! Thanks again for the samples!! They are amazing!!”  -Tracy T., King 5

“Thanks to @12Scents for my #GameDay sample. I'll be wearing it tomorrow on the sidelines!”  -Jen Mueller, Talk Sporty to Me

“Thank you @12Scents for the surprise delivery at work today! Your samples are lovely! #GoHawks” -Jamie Tompkins, Q13

“Not to be judgey, but are you REALLY a fan, if you don’t wear a special scent to show your team spirit?  I’ve seen fan makeup, but had never read of a fan-inspired line of fragrance until I heard about 12 Scents.  When I first read about this new brand, I couldn’t help but smile.  The Seahawk fans in my life are pretty hard-core, so I thought it made perfect sense that a line of fragrance has emerged from the fan fervor of the 12th man.”  -Ragin’ Rouge

“12Scents for the #Seahawks fan! These smell great!!”  -Parenting Healthy