Our Inspiration

Like many football fans, Lara Gustavson has a game day ritual. However, one particular Sunday in February, she noticed something was missing. After suiting up in her #24 jersey and cherished hat covered with autographs from every starter of the 2013 Championship Team, she realized that she did not have the perfect perfume to ceremoniously spritz as her final good luck gesture before heading out to watch the game.

In a subsequent online search, Lara found 'Hawks-themed items for sale including everything from nail polish to bird houses, but she discovered that no one had created a fragrance! She immediately formed 12 Scents to develop one for herself and fellow fans.

Collaborating with award-winning perfumer and olfactive "nose,” Danielle Fleming, Lara created three scents intending to capture the confidence of our championship team, the passion and excitement of the fans, and our love for the City of Seattle.

You can find out more about 12 Scents here:

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