Our Values

12 Scents was founded with a commitment to building a socially and environmentally responsible company.  Our core values include:


Unlike the mass-produced and highly synthetic perfumes that are widely available, 12 Scents fragrances are made in a boutique perfumery that focuses on high-quality, handcrafted manufacturing. With great attention to detail and creativity, we use high-quality and primarily natural ingredients that are carefully blended and matured in small batches. Additionally, all of our products are hand-poured and bottled.

12 Scents fragrances are offered in an assortment of products and sizes with a range of price points that ensures people of all ages and incomes will be able to join in on the 12 Scents experience.


12 Scents is committed to sustainability by encouraging re-use and recycling of the product packaging as well as using environmentally safe and natural materials for the products. 

For example:

*The fragrances are formulated with essential oils in a base of organic perfumer’s alcohol made from organic corn. Phthalate-free fragrance oils are added to make the perfumes and organic beeswax and pure soy wax are added to create the candles.

*The candles are made with cotton and paper wicks.

*No paraffin, synthetic colors or dyes are used in the products.

*The candle glass can be reused by cleaning it with soap and water and we use removable labels to make it easy to do so. Customers are encouraged to turn them into drinking glasses or containers for things such as pens, paper clips or cotton balls. To further encourage re-use, 12 Scents created a signature cocktail/mocktail recipe incorporating some of the natural citrus ingredients featured in the fragrances to be enjoyed in the cleaned out tumbler. 

Check out the recipes here: 12th Gal Signature Cocktails & Mocktails


All 12 Scents products are cruelty-free. No animal scents or animal by-products are used (with the exception of beeswax for the candles). Products are not tested on animals nor are any ingredients purchased from suppliers that test on animals.


Throughout the development process and continuing in the future, 12 Scents is dedicated to partner and collaborate with women and women-owned businesses whenever possible. Thus far, 12 Scents has contracted with an assortment of women-owned businesses for services including manufacturing, graphic design, branding and public relations.

We love our vendors & partners and highly recommend them if you need any of their services: Companies We Love


12 Scents will donate 10% of its annual profits to select charitable foundations. Specific details are forthcoming and updates will be located here:  Giving Back