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Head Coach, Equipment Room Manager & Water Girl


Lara is a resident of West Seattle. A licensed attorney since 1997, she is also the co-founder and principal of eLex pllc, an eDiscovery management and consulting firm. Lately however, she spends the majority of her time building her new company, 12 Scents.

In 1997, Lara moved to Seattle from Southern California. Without a permanent NFL team in Los Angeles, she didn’t regularly follow football before arriving in the Northwest. Over the years in Seattle, her interest in football steadily grew from casual enjoyment to full-fledged fandom.

During the 2012 pre-season, Lara’s football obsession hit hard. She jokingly likes to point out that it happened before Russell Wilson became the starting quarterback. To feed her new obsession, she began studying the sport: she bought books, attended classes, began listening to sports radio, watched clips of “all 22 film” and even made flashcards to memorize positions, player names, and uniform numbers. The more she learned about football, the more fascinating it became. Now several years in, football and the Seahawks are a huge part of her life.

Getting To Know Lara:

Favorite Player?
Beastmode!  No question.  And every week, I love him more. His instinct, strength, and agility on the field blows me away ever single game. Add in his personality, humor, loyalty and dedication to his team, family and foundation, it is a no brainer. That man is incredible!!!

Favorite Play?
It is way too hard to pick just one. I was at the Clink for both the “Beast Quake” and “The Tip.” The emotion and excitement experienced with thousands of other 12s in those two plays would be tough to beat.

Favorite Seahawks Game?
Although Super Bowl 48 was obviously a lifetime highlight (and Super Bowl 49 a lifetime disappointment), I think my favorite game is actually the comeback game against Green Bay. The focus and resilience they showed was absolutely mind boggling. I bawled at the end.

Favorite Scent?
Game Day is my baby. When I came up with the idea for 12 Scents, I brainstormed about the traits of the Seahawks and the emotions that they evoke. To me, those emotions are: confidence, happiness, celebration, love and community. I then researched the essential oils that are known to stimulate those emotions. Finally, I looked at the notes in all of my favorite perfumes over the last 20 years. I gave all of that information to perfumer extraordinaire, Danielle Fleming, and she completely nailed it. She turned my very specific vision (um, scent??) into reality. It truly makes me feel happy and grounded every time I smell it.